Banker Icon in beta


1,400, if the job is fully upgraded

Job Limit


Level Limit


Special Items


With this job, you can spawn deposits for players to deposit money into the registers, which is then taken by the bankers to the vault. Bankers protect the vault and earn experience and money for the money deposited by their deposits. Bankers can buy a maximum of one deposit register at a time. In 2.0, there was an update that allowed bankers to spawn registers of specific amounts. But this feature was removed, and for a short time banking was broken. But after this period of time, it was working again the way it was before. Bankers could spawn registers and players could deposit any specific amount.


Owning the bank doors while not a banker is not allowed.

Basing in the bank while being a banker is not allowed.

Refusing to let other bankers base with you IS allowed.

Refusing to let other bankers deposit in the vault is not allowed.

The area past the second set of doors is FFA, which means everybody except cops can kill anybody in there if they wanted to.