Terrorists are one of many jobs in GangWarsRP, and the only one who can blow up the whole town if he wants to.

As a terrorist, you're KOS, so if anyone sees you, he can kill you whenever they want

The nuke Edit

You can make enriched plutonium rods used in the nuke (fountain in downtown, hotel in uptown) to blow the town. Buy an enricher and a plutonium rod, power the enricher and place the rod on it. The plutonium will start to get enriched. NOTE: There's a chance of the plutonium rods exploding when they're ready, so you should keep your distance from them while on the enricher. A plutonium rod is ready to place in the nuke when it makes a yellow glow, and it's 99.33333 enriched

Plutonium rods Edit

As a terrorist, you can buy plutonium rods in your E-chip, take in mind, when you spawn one, you'll get wanted.

Plutonium rods can be enriched using the enricher (found in the E-chip too), also they can randomly explode when they reach 100%. A plutonium rod is ready to use in the nuke when it's 99% enriched.